Monday, January 23, 2006

he's a hypnotist. a hypnotist of ladies.

yay random subject lines.

so...a few issues. i washed and dried the cable 8 top. and the ends
shredded/disintegrated in the wash. that seems bad. i can trim them now, but
aren't they just going to continue to do it in the future? should i invest in
some fray-check? i don't know what to dooooooo. i haven't tried it on yet, as
even with its run through the dryer, it was still pretty wet. stupid cotton.

i haven't touched either sock i've been working on. when i say i get SSS,
dammit i mean it. i'm wearing the holiday detour socks for the first time
today. they amazingly match perfectly with my shirt. i should take a
photo...this is truly eerie.

i made the world's largest swatch this weekend. that's not a good thing. b/c
i'm an idiot, i just went ahead and started Cherie from vintage knits in rowan
golden summer tweed. and sure enough, my gauge was off, and i ended up
stopping about 8 inches in when i realized that the sweater measured 36"
around. now i wanted a cute, loose-fitting boyfriend sweater, but 36" is more
like a look-at-sara-in-that-giant-hollow-mushroom sweater. *sigh* so i
started over, armed with the handy book of sweater patterns. i'm knitting the
sweater in the round with very different yarn than the pattern calls for. i'm
having to re-adjust all of the numbers to make the 32" size, and i'm going for
a seamless sweater. so basically i'm not knitting Cherie at all. i'm knitting
Cherie's bastardized and slightly smaller twin, Goldie. i'm also not sure if
the gold summer tweed shade is going to look like cat barf on me. i'm taking
the wait and see approach. could be tragic.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm, goldie eh?

    well, no ideas about the cotton ends, though I hear good things about the Fray Check.



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