Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good Mail Day

Guess what came in the mail?

My knitpicks color cards! i ordered almost all of the color cards that they carry. i think i've narrowed my choices down for winter accessories. i'll be making a final decision soon.

one of the color cards i ordered was for shine and shine twist. i have to say i am really impressed, especially with shine twist. from viewing the catalog, i didn't think i would like the multicolors, but they look really pretty. so, well, shiny and silky. i was thinking about using it to make the ruffles scarf from scarf style, and orangina from glampyre, and the sailor sweater that has been in my head for some time now. alas, must resist the temptation. though i'm willing to bet this'll be one of the first yarns i buy mid-summer.

I also received my trade from soapfibergal. in exchange for my leftover skein of toasty toes, she sent me a hank of briggs and little durasport in grey, a hank of lorna's laces shepherd sport in lakeview, a mystery hank of soft pink yarn (is it handspun?), and a handmade bar of soap. wow...thanks so much!

here are the beginnings of my new project:

sometimes i really am a dumbass. i would have made more progress last night, but i totally tangled up the skein of khaki i was using and spent over an hour last night rewinding it into a ball. grrr... but at any rate, at least i got started on the canada socks in knitpicks essential. colorwork is really engaging--i have no idea why i don't do more of it. i have a master plan for making the socks fit over my ginormous calves. we'll see if it works.

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  1. Great job on the socks! I'm thinking that I'm going to attempt colorwork this year. Just trying to slog through some of my WIPs and almost WIPs.

    And the KnitPicks color cards? Very cool. I've been sorely tempted since I saw someone else get them and now with you it may push me right over the edge. :)



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