Monday, January 30, 2006

A few notes

dude, i crocheted.
Crocheted Curly Scarf
I made the basic ruffled scarf from this blog on a size G hook with the Classic Elite 03 tweed I frogged from Tempting. Alas, tempting is no more. I used up the entire sweater's worth of yarn in this one scarf. I made my scarf very very long. in the photo, it is wrapped around my neck twice, which has the unfortunate side effect of giving me Elizabethan Ruff Syndrome, but the alternative is to have a scarf that hangs past my knees. You would think I would have measured beforehand, but i didn't. and the stupid rows are so insanely long that there was no chance i'd have the patience to rip back. I made a few alterations: i eliminated the plain rows of treble-crochet...mostly because i knew i'd run out of yarn, and this scarf had no need to be insanely wide as well as insanely long. I added a picot edging. I'm actually really happy with it. i feel like this is one of those areas where crochet really shines over knit. not to mention it would have taken me 5,000 years to knit a similar scarf.

i also received some yarn i ordered for my secret pal 7 in the mail. i'm a bit iffy on it. it feels dry and lifeless somehow. i love being mysterious, so i won't explain further.

i received my knitty sp6 matches and i've already heard from FunFurSucks. very nice name. (s)he seems like a cool pal.

i finished the stranded part of canada sock #2. hopefully i will finish the pair in the near future.

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  1. Wow, that looks so fluffy! I personally love fluffy things so I don't think it's "too much." Hell, you'll probably see this on the cover of Lucky this month or something.



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