Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canada progress

no this isn't about our neighbors upstairs shaking up their government. this is about a sock. now, i don't want to prejudge before i finish the pair, but this might be my favorite pattern EVER. it has colorwork, it has texture, it has that neat latvian twist to start it all off. my big secret plan to make it fit over my calves was to do the stranding part on US #2s and switch to #1s afterward. it appeared to work. i may not be able to make the socks as tall as i normally like them, as the cuff fits pretty snuggly on the fullest part of my calf, but i should still be able to make them at least 8 inches. i love the clock pattern, i love the colors together. i just love this sock. i will definitely be doing more colorwork in the future. fair isle might be my new cables.

oh, and hi there, SP! nice to see you here already.


  1. Sara, I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed reading your blog, throughout the SP6 time...I hope to continue. :)

    And about your want to reduce your sock yarn stash, got any purples or blues? If so, want to knit me some? You don't have to if you don't want to. It's random and odd, I know. :D

    ~Cecily, your SP6 hostess

  2. thanks for reading the blog--i really appreciate it.

    hmm, for being two of my favorite colors, i don't actually have a lot of either. i have some purple ll i got for christmas, but i was saving it for something special.

  3. Hi back at you! Canada socks ROCK!!!

    purples and blues eh? I will have to write that in my "What Sara likes" notebook...

    Sincerely, your SP!



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