Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Whole Host of Pictures


Harry Potter scarfHP POA scarf from atypicallyknit
My Mom's harry potter gryffindor POA scarf from atypicallyknit. dear lord, this took forever. in retrospect, i should have cast on fewer stitches to make the scarf less wide. it's really very wide. i also ran out of red yarn and had to end the scarf minus at least two stripe repeats. so it's a bit on the short side, as well as being EXTREMELY WIDE. i used knitpicks merino style in hollyberry and harvest gold on #6 denise circs. i wove in the ends as i knitted, b/c i knew i'd go insane if i had to do them all at the end. the colors seem a teensy bit too bright, but i think they worked respectably. i cannot believe i used 900+ yards of yarn in a scarf. but it's done.


Amble Socks for Brother
These are the amble socks for my brother. the pattern was the August sock in the 6sox knitalong. yes, it took me *that* long to finish them. Part of the reason is that my brother has size 14 feet. Even using lionbrand woolease and #4 dpns, it took awhile. The other reason is that i hated the pattern with all of my being. The row repeat was entirely too long and took too much concentration. i also learned i hate seed stitch almost as much as i hate ribbing. the yarn split on me constantly as i was trying to knit with it (next time i'll get cascade superwash or something), and i ran out of yarn and when i bought a second skein, the dyelots were significantly different, so the socks are different colors. but at least they are done.

last but not least:

Drawstring Pouches from LMKG
3 drawstring pouches from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. i used one skein each of misti alpaca sport in green, pink, and purple. i made the medium size on #5 denise circs. i only had a couple of yards leftover from each skein. this yarn is soft and almost oily feeling, but the fluff makes me sneeze. i'm not sure i could ever wear a sweater made from it. but that is why i tried out the yarn on these little pouches. the bags are for my co-workers...now i just have to get something to put in them.

Just a few more things...

I only have one more jaywalker sock to complete. and my willpower sucks. so i started my cable 8 top in pakucho organic cotton. dammit at the conclusion of this holiday season, i want to make something for meeeeee. this pattern is very easy, and so far i like working with the cotton. i will wait to pass judgment until it is complete. me and cotton are not on the best terms, but we're trying to repair our relationship.

and i got my order last night from WEBS. 10 skeins of jaeger chamonix. i'm really glad i placed my order right away--they sold out really quickly. the color is kind of hard to describe...it's a beige-ish greenish gray. it doesn't sound very nice, but i like it. it should match a good portion of my wardrobe. i got it to make glampyre's bulky green cables. i will have to double strand the yarn. i can't wait to start this one, but i'm only allotted one procrastination project at a time.

damn this was a really long post. whew.

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  1. Everything is beautiful! Those HP scarves do go one and on. I'm sure that your mom will be thrilled. Love the small bags and the Cable 8.

  2. you do have a slew of knitted gifts! they're all so lovely, too. there reciepients are really lucky!

  3. Your scarf is great. So nice and warm looking. I love your little bags, they are such a great gift.

  4. Wow! Look at all those presents. Your family's going to be happy and warm on Christmas morning.



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