Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vacation knitting

well, i'm back and i've been busy. pardon the many photos--i'm just so proud.
Glampyre's Bulky Green Cables
Bulky Cables back
Modeled Front:
Bulky Cables modeled
Modeled Back:
Bulky Cables back
Sleeve detail:
Bulky Cables sleeve detail
Yup, it's Glampyre's Bulky Green Cables sweater. I used approximately 9 balls of Jaeger Chamonix (2 strands held tog) on US #13 denise circs. My gauge was 3 st/in, and I made the smallest size, so the fit is quite snug. I also made mine a bit shorter, and knit the sleeves in the round. The yarn is very soft and warm, but I have a few gripes. The yarn really dried out my hands as I was working with it, but my biggest complaint is the knots. There were lots and lots of knots, usually at least 2-3 per skein. I would have been really pissed if I had paid full price for the yarn. The construction of the yarn makes it so that you can't spit splice, so i had a lot of ends to weave in. And generally, there would be a knot close to the end of the skein, so there were many wasted yards. That is probably why it took me so much more yardage than the pattern called for.

But other than that, I really like the sweater. It was a very quick knit. i made the body in one day. I did the sleeves in the round because i assumed that the join in garter wouldn't look any worse than my seaming would, plus it's under the arm, so who cares? My biggest fear was that the bulkiness would make me look like Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but i think i did a good job of avoiding that.

I also got a lot of yarn for christmas.

This is my christmas present from my mom. We went to Hand Held Knitting Gallery in Fayetteville. She got me 4 skeins of lorna's laces shepherd sock and a knit whits kitty toys kit. I browsed around the store for a long long time and couldn't decide what i wanted, so i went with sock yarn. because i really need more sock yarn.

Seriously, though. i bought more sock yarn for myself too. i used my christmas bonus from work at the shop. i got 2 skeins of interlacements toasty toes. only one skein is pictured because the other is OTN. i hope that i can get 2 pairs of socks from these skeins because this stuff is really expensive. i like the thickness of it and the colors, but the price will make me think twice about purchasing it again. i also bought 2 balls of magic stripes from hancock fabrics because i can't ever find it around here. and the crowning glory is that i bought 4 skeins of blue sky alpaca and silk in grey. i have no idea what to do with it...i was thinking maybe a shrug. it is so so soft. the lady in the shop said i have good taste.

i'm working on the aforementioned toasty toes socks and my cable 8 top, but this post is long enough without going on about them too. i'll save it for another day.

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  1. Great sweater. I finished one but have yet to take a photo. I still have to sew on the buttons and I doubt I'll be able to wear it this season anyway for it is already getting warm.

  2. Beautiful job on the sweater!!!

  3. the sweater looks great and it's beautiful on you. :) great knitting!!

  4. Fabulous! I've been looking around blogland to see who's finished this and I'm so happy to see yours. You're inspiring me to go ahead and make one. Yay!



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