Friday, December 30, 2005

This is why the rowan membership is worth the price.

nope, it's not for the magazine.

(excuse the nasty green stuff on the carpet. my cats broke a bottle of nail polish) The US distributor, Westminster Fibers, sends a quarterly newsletter that includes a listing of discontinued colors of Rowan and Jaeger yarns at very reasonable prices. i got a bag of wool cotton in poster blue and a bag of summer tweed in gold for 70 bucks total.

i was thinking about making the hourglass sweater from last minute knitted gifts with the summer tweed. gold isn't normally my color, but i think it'll be a refreshing change. i don't know what to do with the wool cotton yet.

i just bought a new coat from banana republic. it's a pink wool/mohair boucle. i need to get yarn to make accessories for it, but it's a difficult color to coordinate, so i may have to lys it rather than mail order. i wanted to buy a fur scarf, but the one i tried on consisted of many many rabbits' feet strung together and when i wrapped it around my neck, i felt like i was being attacked. so i'll stick with a nice alpaca yarn or something non-freakishly disgusting.

the winter accessories yarn is the exception. but from now until my birthday, i am not buying any more yarn. i was complaining in a previous post how much sock yarn i have. well, thanks to christmas, now i have even more. plus with the most current purchase, i have enough yarn to make 3 full sized sweaters, at least 3 summer tops, a couple of get the idea. it's plenty to keep me busy for 7 months. i doubt my stash will deplete itself in that time. i literally have no more room--i'm resorting to keeping my yarn baskets on my closet floor.

so that's it. i'm cutting myself off. you have my permission to give me a severe beating if i go back on my resolution.

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