Saturday, December 03, 2005

stupid self-timer

don't you hate it when you can't get a decent photo of something? after way too many attempts, i just gave up and i'm going with the shot of my head cut off. what the hell. here's the denim skirt i made last weekend.
Converted jeans to skirt
i took an old pair of stretch jeans and converted it. here's the rear view.
Converted jean skirt back
the center panels on both the front and the back are the remainder of the legs laid out horizontally. i lined up the leg seam at the bottom border of the skirt to add interest. i'm pretty happy with it. i did not add a vent because the fabric is super stretchy, but i'll wait to pass judgement on whether or not that was a good idea after i've tried to walk in it for awhile.

in the meantime i'm wondering if cutting up my dark stretchy jeans was a bit premature, because i just washed the pair of old navy jeans i bought to replace them, and they shrank in the wash. boy did they shrink. i was kind of going for ass-tastic, but these are like several-inches-of-booty-are-hanging-out instead of just plain ol' bootylicious. maybe they'll stretch. *pained face*

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