Thursday, December 01, 2005

Standing guard over my sock yarn stash

i get bored at work a lot. one of the things that i tend to do when bored is
shop for yarn--especially sock yarn. i am always on the lookout for new yarns
i haven't tried. the other day i was looking at interlacements toasty toes,
opal (which i can't believe i still haven't tried), knitpicks sock yarns,
fleece artist merino, and schaeffer sock yarns.

i'm generally fairly good about yarn purchases. i tend to buy yarn to make a
specific item. i don't always complete the intended item, but i can generally
find something appropriate, use the yarn, and have very little leftover. if i
buy yarn on sale, i hunt for the perfect pattern, knit the item, you get the

but for whatever reason, i hang onto my sock yarn. i have a lot of sock yarn.
from what i can recall off the tip of my brain, i have:

1 skein of red bearfoot
2 skeins of green koigu
2 skeins of purple/blue/burgandy lorna's laces
2 skeins of blue/beige/green sock landscape
3 skeins of green knitpicks essential
2 skeins of white fixation
1 skein of pink/blue/yellow sockotta
2 skeins of blue/grey elann self-striping
2 skeins of cream baby wool
1 skein of grey/black lang jawoll
1 skein of black brownsheep wildfoote
edited (i remembered another one): 1 skein knitpicks dye your own

and those are the whole skeins. i also have partially completed socks or those
waiting to be frogged and made into a different pair. and all of the leftovers
i got from the sock scrap swap. and all of my own remaining leftovers that
would be appropriate for monster socks or another pair of stashbuster spirals.
let's just estimate that i could make at least another 6 pairs with all of the

that's 18 pairs of socks. plus let's not forget the simple stripes pair i'm
making right now. 19.

a big problem i have is that i love the yarn so much that i want to use the
*perfect* pattern to show it off. so the koigu and the bearfoot and the
lorna's laces sits in my stash (sometimes for over a year) just waiting for the
right pattern. sometimes i find too many patterns for the yarn and just can't
narrow it down. i'm also afraid to even attempt to estimate a dollar figure
for how much of my hard earned money is waiting to be made into socks.

i think the moral of this story is...i should cut myself off until i make at
least half of the socks in my stash. for one thing, i don't have any more room
to hold the yarn. i can control my addiction. it just takes willpower. has anybody used interlacements toasty toes? the colors look fab.

One other note: i downloaded the pattern for the new illusion sock from 6sox knitalong. it looks intriguing, but i have a serious hatred of hearts. plus a lack of appropriate yarn. uh-oh.


  1. I'm not loving the hearts either. I wonder if they would give me "credit" for the contest if I knitted them for my husband in green & black with alien faces? *snicker*

  2. Quite a collection you have there! I am not sure I have that many!



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