Monday, December 19, 2005

running round like a chicken with its head cut off

so being finished with holiday knitting is kind of bad in a way. i now have
all this freedom to make whatever i want for ME ME ME and i don't know where to

i tried to resurrect the dead project, butterfly, but ended up frogging. i
think i'll start over and knit it flat. i'm not sure when that will be,

i knitted a few more rows on my cable 8 top. i should be able to finish that
one before i go home. i probably should, actually, because it'll be more
weather appropriate and i might get to wear it before spring.

i really want to make something cute to wear on new year's eve. i have some
ideas that involve frogging my river shawl. it probably won't be easy ripping
out the ksh. i plan to make my own design. we'll see how it goes.

i have one more holiday detour sock to make. i'll probably bring that one on
the plane.

i reeeeally need new mittens. i should suck it up and make the other thrummed
mitten. the single one has gone for a year without its mate. sad, really.
though good news--this nice guy on the bus picked up my other mittens for me
and will return them to me tomorrow. so i didn't lose them! yay.

i want to make another hermione hat and the matching mittens for me. i have
some extra blue WOTA. i just need to do it, but i hesitate starting something
completely new, when i should at least try to finish some things that are old.

and speaking of starting new things--i have a plan to make a cabled earflap hat
modeled on one i saw at the gap. i think i know how to do it, but again...i
feel bad about starting something new.

and of course, i have the bulky green cables sweater. i'm bringing that
project home with me. it'll probably be the major effort of my vacation.

so see? i just have too many possibilities. i can't focus on any one thing at
a time. i have knitting ADD. i want to do anything and everything immediately
if not sooner.

i should start with the cable 8 top. start small, go with project that has
finish line in sight. focus.

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  1. Yay for finishing the Christmas knitting! I seem to have 4 Christmas projects on the needles, and I haven't finished one of them yet. :) So if you're all done this far before Christmas, I think you have definitly earned the right to work on whatever you durn well please.



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