Monday, December 05, 2005

only one more pair of armwarmers left

and then i swear i am not making any more for a long long time. here's my dad's pair:
Dad's Armwarmers
modified voodoo pattern, US #6 metal dpns, 2 skeins knitpicks wool of the andes in fog, stitch pattern is "blueberry waffles" from this sock pattern.

new knitty came out last night. it is a really big issue. i liked how there was a nice balance between sweaters, accessories, and gifts. i personally did not see much that i would knit, but i did print out this sock pattern. i like the glampyre sweater and the look of tempting II, as well as this cardigan. they just aren't jumping out KNIT ME NOW. and that is perfectly ok. i have enough things to do, trust me.

speaking of which, i returned to my mom's POA scarf last night. i got in another stripe repeat while i was watching desperate housewives and grey's anatomy. i am getting so close to finishing holiday knitting. just gotta keep plugging away.

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