Wednesday, December 07, 2005

more procrastination knitting

someone shoot me. i am a bad person. i knit approximately 10 more rows on the hp scarf. and oh yeah, check out the jaywalker sock, which is mysteriously growing at an alarming rate. but look at how gorgeous it is. it is a thing of loveliness that i cannot resist.

and so, i'm going to make an executive decision, here and now. you know what? i hate lace. i hate making lace shawls. screw the river shawl--i'm just not gonna do it. i'll give the jaywalker socks to my sister-in-law. whew.

i feel better now.

i made an educated guess that tesoro is my knitty sp 5 pal, and i was right! go me. AND she says i have another package on the way! thanks, tesoro, for being my pal.

oh and i just ordered ten balls of jaeger chamonix in color 910 "natural" to make the bulky green cables sweater. i'm so excited. i heart WEBS sales.

1 comment:

  1. That's pretty funny that Tesoro is your pal, after me thinking she could be mine. ;)



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