Tuesday, December 20, 2005

if at first you don't succeed

beat it into submission.

i love how knitting can bring out um, well i don't want to call them flaws...personality quirks, let's say. i hate admitting defeat. i want to feel like i can take on any knitting challenge and emerge a winner. well, frogging the yarn to use it for something else doesn't count. then you are just finding the best possible use for the yarn. anyway, when confronted with a frustrating project like butterfly, i frog and frog and toss aside in despair. and then i pick it up again the next day determined to show that BITCH who's boss.

i think i finally got it.

once i started over and knit in the flat and used stitch markers for every pattern repeat, it all started to make sense. the lace pattern itself is fairly simple, and i knew that it was...what was foiling me was how to handle the edges. i had to let go of the anal retentive need to have the edges come out perfectly, and things just fell into place. now that i finally understand what the hell is going on, i think if i ever felt the need to make this one again, i could do it in the round. also i approached the project this time with the desire to move forward. after all, the knitpicks shadow cost me $3. i'll just work on it and call it "practice." if the results are crappy, it's not the end of the world. the new outlook seems to be working.

i finished the decrease section. i used my regular rowan adjustment standard...i increased more frequently so the pattern won't reach my knees. i swear rowan must only design for supermodels.

i am flying home tomorrow so i have to pack tonight. i'll have to narrow down what knitting projects i want to take with me. sadly, i think i should leave butterfly behind because it takes a fair amount of concentration, and i'm terrified that something tragic will happen. i don't want to lose any progress. it'll still be here when i get back.

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  1. Yeah! That's the attitude! Show that sucka who's boss!

    Laceweight looks so delicate and innocent. Isn't it amazing how such a harmless-looking thing can send a knitter to the edge of despair?



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