Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i heart good mail days

yea, i got another package from my knitty sp! she's helping me feed my sock yarn addiction. six whole skeins of knitpicks essential. and it just so happens that these colors coordinate in lovely holiday fashion. i have been wanting to make argyle socks for forever now, but i never had enough solid sock yarns in complementary hues. and now i do! she also gave me some stitch markers tied to a pretty card with a frisbee (!) on it. thank you secret pal! i still have no clue who you are. must sleuth more.

i also got my winter IK in the mail last night. i have the same opinion of it as i did of winter knitty. i'm setting it aside to browse more later, but for now nothing jumped out "KNIT ME." and that is a very good thing. because i'm still having issues with holiday knitting. i knit exactly 2 rows on the harry potter scarf and tossed it aside.

i had to wind my koolaid yarn into a ball. see, doesn't it look so pretty? i've decided to call the color "grapelberry" because i am weird like that.

the yarn is destined to become a pair of jaywalker socks. i officially have absolutely no willpower. i saw several other pairs of jaywalkers that looked so nice and i thought that my grapelberry yarn would be a perfect match for the pattern. i just *had* to try it out--it's my first skein of dyed yarn!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for socks! Your sock yarn looks so pretty too, like a Manos colorway. :)



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