Sunday, December 04, 2005

i dyed yarn

i finished my dad's fuzzyfeet.
Dad's Fuzzy Feet Before FeltingDad's Fuzzy Feet Felted
I used 3 skeins of knitpicks wool of the andes in winter night on #13 circs using magic loop. i followed the top-down construction of the pattern. I ran the slippers through the washer twice, and they felted pretty nicely. i think if i were to make this pattern again, i'd double strand the wota or use a thicker yarn, as the slippers don't feel that substantial to me.

my project for today was to try koolaid dyeing. i used my skein of knitpicks color your own sock yarn and three colors: grape, green apple, and blue lemonade. i ran into a few snags. firstly, i didn't buy enough koolaid the first go-round, and had to ask my roommate to pick up more at the grocery store. i ended up using 12 packets of each color. as for the other snafu--well...

it's very purple. the grape got onto the rest of the skein while i was steaming it, and it kind of overpowered the other colors. which is really too bad, because the blue and the green were really quite pretty. the other problem is that while i love purple, i HATE grape. the smell of the koolaid was horrifyingly nauseating. and to top it off, when i was cleaning my equipment so my roommate could use it to cook dinner *pained face* i cut my finger on the veggie steamer basket i was using. luckily i didn't bleed on my yarn.

like i said, this was a first attempt, and i'll try it again, but maybe with easter egg dye, which doesn't smell. it could still turn out to be pretty. you never know. i don't have any purple socks yet.

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  1. I have been kool-aid dying with my two girls also. We use the sun method, with less blurring. I also hate the smell of fake grape, and so I am putting off making the promised socks for the girls. Maybe it will fade?



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