Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Grand Cotton Experiment

i will say one thing: at least a bulky cotton garment goes quickly.

so the status on the cable 8 top is that i cast off the back last night and got
through the first pattern repeat of the front. it is entirely probable that i
could finish by friday.

here's where it gets tricky, though. as i said before, i tentatively enjoy
knitting with the pakucho cotton. it feels soft, it shows the cables
beautifully, and the speedy knit thing is good too. but the fit is where all
becomes suspect. because of past issues with bulky cotton stretching both
lengthwise and widthwise on my body, i decided to knit at a tighter gauge. in
theory, i was going to swatch, get gauge, and then go down one needle size just
to make sure. so i swatched on #11s, and my gauge was actually slightly on the
small side. the finished size is supposed to be 28 inches. but my fear of
stretching is very great, so i went ahead and knit on #10.5s anyway. and the
result is that the back is maybe 8-10 inches across unstretched. now i know
that the pattern is essentially 2x2 rib with a cable thrown in here and there.
i know that cotton loses shape without bouncing back. but this thing is
looking a bit on the tight side. like it could possibly fit a 10 year old.

this could be a disaster. we'll have to wait and see.

PS i lost my mittens on the bus. dammit! fortunately they were the ugly
woolease mittens with fun fur cuffs that i made because i had the materials.
but this does mean that i need new mittens stat. it's 0 degrees outside.

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