Monday, December 12, 2005

the final push

i took the day off on friday to concentrate on finishing up christmas knitting.
i came ever so close.

on friday, i watched lotr and managed to finish my mom's POA scarf. it took
all friggin day. it's actually not long enough because i ran out of yarn. but
as i had no desire to order more and then have to continue knitting the scarf,
i called it good enough.

saturday and sunday, i sucked it up and managed to FINALLY complete my
brother's amble sock. i had made it to the cuff of the second sock at least a
month ago and hadn't touched it since. can i just say again how much i hate
this pattern? remind me never to make an aran sweater. i think i would go

sunday evening i began my last drawstring pouch from lmkg. i'm about halfway
done. should be able to finish tonight.

and that leaves the second jaywalker sock. after i finish that, i will decide
whether or not i want to whip up another pair of armwarmers or whether i will
just consider myself to be done.

i've decided less time for photos means more time to knit. hopefully this week
i will be able to whip out the beauty shot of everything all gathered together.

so so close.

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