Friday, December 16, 2005

Call me speedy gonzales.

we had an ice storm yesterday. i decided i needed a new hat. so i made one.
Hermione Cable and Bobble Hat
In a mere six hours I completed the Hermione Cable and Bobble Hat (found on atypicallyknit).
Hermione hat detail
I used two skeins of knitpicks wool of the andes in cranberry, on size #7 denise circs using magic loop. The only pattern modification i made was to shorten the brim ribbing, because i don't like hats with folded brims as they do not fit very well on my overly large head. if i did it again, i'd make 1/3 instead of 1/2 of the ribbing. the hat is slightly too long, but fits snuggly and quite comfortably.
Hermione hat modeled
This pattern was a blast to knit. i think my speed was due partially to the desire for a new hat to wear the next day, but mostly because i was having so much fun. the pattern held my attention but was not too difficult. i especially loved the zigzagging cable and making the bobbles. i liked this pattern so much that i think i'm going to purchase the matching mittens pattern as well. i hardly ever use the same pattern more than once, but i wouldn't hesitate to make this one again.

as promised, here's the pic of tesoro's final sp package: She gave me some samples of bulky lopi and lambs pride bulky because i have never tried either. i must not be very sensitive, because i thought that the lambs pride was much softer than i had anticipated, and while the lopi was slightly scratchy, i don't think it would bother me--at least not in outerwear. but then again, maybe i'm just used to having knit items next to my skin constantly due to climate. who knows. i can't wait to try out the sweater shaver thingie. it seems like a very handy thing to have around, and i definitely have some sweaters that need it. and i love the pink stitch markers. i don't know why, but i have been in a very pink mood this year.

one last thing...

i thought it would be fun to show off our christmas tree. i pride myself on the personal belief that i have the tackiest tree on the block. it's a "disney princess" tree i picked up at target a few years ago. it's slightly mangled because the cats keep flying out of nowhere to attack it. i guess shiny purple tinsel is just too much for them to resist. little bastards. the tree is currently on my living room floor because the cats knock it over every night as soon as we leave the living room.

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  1. Your hat is awesome but your tree is AWESOME! You and I were cut from the same tacky, shiney, probably retro, cloth.

  2. That is one righteous tree. And the hat looks fantastic!

  3. You look great in your Hermione hat! Umm, I have a very tacky small Christmas tree too and I keep it away from our 2 kitties. Love the purple tint on yours!

  4. Your sock yarn is beautiful. I absolutely love the colors and they work great with the pattern.

    Let us know how the cable 8 top turns out. I'm thinking about making one soon.



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