Friday, December 02, 2005

The Big Reveal

i finished my first Holiday Detour sock. i'm pretty happy with it. i used almost the entire ball of simple stripes. i thought that the 3 inches of 2x2 ribbing were going to do me in, though. god i hate ribbing. my foot looks quite odd in the picture. i'm gonna hope it's the angle and that my foot doesn't really look that weird in real life. there's really something about stockinette socks. i like to make patterned socks too, but i do enjoy plain socks as a nice relaxing break. it's like therapy. and now that i've finished one, it's high time for me to return to christmas knitting.

but more importantly, my downstream SP6 pal, Tish, finally guessed who i am! so i can officially retire good ol' Spazzy Pickles now. *sniff* i'll miss you, buddy. i can also finally show off some projects that were finished way back at the end of September. Firstly, the Moebius Cowl/Capelet/Scarf I made for Tish. WARNING: I'm not big on smiling--at least not in this photo
Moebius capelet for secret pal
i can't even remember the details--i used pink patons divine on large needles...US 13 maybe? i used a very easy drop stitch pattern in the flat, twisted it, and then seamed. i finished it in such good time that i decided to make a shawl for my mom for christmas using the same stitch pattern and yarn.
Drop Stitch Shawl for Mom
this one i plugged the stitch pattern into the simplest garter stitch shawl pattern. i added lots o' fringe and ta-da! very easy. it feels good to finally be able to add them to my FO album.

Tish, i really enjoyed being your pal, and i hope you enjoyed it too.

Ending on a "why did i do that?" note, today, i am wearing the Shoes of Death. i find it unfathomable that shoes without any sole traction are still produced and sold. i find it even more unfathomable that i bought them. Why Anne Klein, why??? why must you make such cute but impractical footwear? i force myself to wear them at least once a month so i can justify the purchase. i'm surprised i'm not dead yet. they are adorable, but not very comfortable. instyle said that loafer pumps were cool for fall. i'm easily influenced. they are black. they have a leather buckle. they are pointy, but not elf-pointy. they have 3 inch heels (yay extra height!). oh yeah, and the no traction thing. i'm not always the brightest. but you already knew that.

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