Thursday, December 15, 2005


can you feel the frustration, people?

ok, first i feel i should note that i got my last knitty secret pal gift last
night. the lovely tesoro sent me a sweater de-linter thingy, the likes of
which i have not seen before, but am sure i will put to good use. *examining
sweater on body at this moment and thinking it could use a good de-linting*
she also gave me some pink stitch markers to match my pink fixation socks, and
some samples of bulky lopi and lamb's pride to try out. i did not have time to
take photos last night, but i will add them soon. Thank you, Tesoro, for being
such a cool pal.

i did not have time, because i was too busy fucking up my second jaywalker
sock. Attempt #1: cast on the wrong number of stitches but somehow didn't
notice until i was about 3/4" in on the ribbing. Rip. Attempt #2: Cast on
the correct number of stitches this time, was flowing smoothly, but was
attentively watching Batman Begins. Looked down casually at the sock, realized
that i was off on the double decreases by SEVERAL ROWS. WTF??? Rip back to
mistake. Attempt #2.5: tried to pick up stitches. realized that it is very
difficult because of the increases/decreases. picked up all stitches, but
stitch count is off. Threw aside sock in disgust and watched rest of movie.
Attempt #2.75: had extra knitting time this morning due to missing the bus.
oops. carefully examined stitches, fixed stitch count, finally made forward
progress again and am up to approximately 3 inches. Hopefully i will not have
to frog again. Lesson here: don't screw up on jaywalker sock, because it's a
PITA to fix.

As my roommate asked me last night when i was getting all pissed off, "But
didn't you make one sock already? why are you having so much trouble?"
Indeed. *grumble, grumble*

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  1. First comment from me on your blog. Well, my Jaywalker socks have been frogged even more often than yours! So it's not that hard of a pattern -- what gives? I need to concentrate and I'm not, so there's the problem in a nutshell. Other people seem to be having problems with this pattern too, if it makes you (or me) feel any better!



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