Thursday, November 10, 2005


ok so i finished something, and that automatically gives me license to SPEND

the good news is that i placed another knitpicks order and finally bought the
yarn i need for my mom's harry potter scarf. i also ordered goodies for my
secret pals' final packages. i want these last ones to be really special, so
i'm going all out. or at least 3/4 of the way. WEBS was having a sale, so i
got some more stuff for a pal. i like to be vague.

the bad news is that i also bought yarn for ME. i got some cranberry wool of
the andes to make the hermione cabled hat. i need a hat to match my so-called
scarf. i hope i picked the right color--it's really hard to tell with

it gets worse. the WEBS sale on rowan and jaeger yarn proved to require more
self-control than i possess. i got 10 skeins of rowanspun 4 ply in color 703.
and i have no clue what to do with it. but it was only 2.59/skein! i'm sort
of envisioning a cabled cardigan, but i really have no idea what i've
ordered--i've never seen this yarn before. i hope i have enough.

i also bought some jaeger baby merino 4ply in cranberry and palm to make
arisaig from knitty. remember the red sweater curse? evidently i haven't
learned any lessons from it. even though it has happened twice now. but, but
i'm in love with wrap sweaters! and it would look so pretty in red! and i
don't believe in curses! i made a red hat and it turned out fine. *sigh*

i have plenty to do before christmas and i already have many many projects
started (see sidebar list that continues to grow). don't let me start a new
sweater before christmas. i'm serious. if i feel the need to spark
creativity, i can start one of the 5000 xmas gifts that i need to make. maybe
shipping will be slow and i can churn out some more stuff before it gets here
and i completely lose my senses. b/c i haven't already.


  1. FYI, rowanspun 4ply is not much bigger than laceweight. Extremely fine. Those'll be some mighty small cables, pal. I'm sure you'll find something to do with it though! :)

    Secret Pal 6, who has lots of unknit 4-ply for this reason!

  2. I like that philosphy. Finish something...go shop! Great pink socks. Thanks for sharing the pattern.



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