Wednesday, November 30, 2005

why store-bought sweaters are crap

i am very bitter.

today i am wearing my new black crew neck cardigan. i bought said cardigan
because i don't have a black sweater. everyone needs a basic black sweater. i
am very picky about sweaters, but i desperately needed one, so i picked this
one up at old navy because it fits ok and was not hugely cost prohibitive. i
don't know the exact fiber content without looking at the tag, but i think it's
an acrylic/wool/mohair blend.

the mohair makes it slightly itchy. i'm not sure why they stick mohair in
low-end sweaters when they aren't fuzzy unless it is to supposedly up the
quality (and price tag). but my biggest beef is that the damn thing doesn't
even begin to do its job. i'm frickin' freezing. indoors. now granted, my
office is almost always on the chilly side. but i feel like i'm not wearing
any outer covering at all. i'm tempted to put my coat on. so now in my anger
i am looking to make myself a basic black cardigan in fingering weight yarn. i
have the book vintage knits by sarah dallas and i feel confident that one of
those patterns will suffice, but i don't really want to knit a boring
stockinette cardigan on tiny needles. but i will. because i want to be warm.


can anybody attest positively towards peruvian collection baby cashmere at
elann? i'm leaning towards that one.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry about the sweater. I've noticed that before knitting, all the store bought sweaters I liked were cotton. Any wool seemed to make them scratchy. But handknit wool doesn't bug me so much. Why is it that KnitPicks can make good cheap wool and Old Navy can't? :)

    As for their cashmere, haven't tried it. But I have loved every KnitPicks yarn I've tried.



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