Friday, November 11, 2005

well, cripers's for the best. i won't get to test the red sweater curse after all, b/c
WEBS was sold out of the cranberry jaeger merino 4-ply. and i'm having second
thoughts about arisaig anyway. there's the red sweater curse, and i hate 2x2
ribbing, and it's knit on tiny tiny needles, and it's a seamed sweater, and i'm
not sure that it would look all that flattering on me. i guess that's enough
reasons to go with fate, although it didn't stop me from looking for
alternative yarns, like elann's baby cashmere or baby silk. alas, no red.
don't ask me why i have become so desperate to have this in red. it just calls
to me.

i have perhaps thought of something for the rowanspun: the union square market
pullover from fall IK 2005. i'll have to wait til my yarn gets here to see if
the colors match and go from there, but it's a definite possibility.

i am thinking about buying some pakucho organic cotton to make the cable 8 top
from spring ik 2005. i really want to try this yarn and it's not too expensive
at elann. and the pattern is pretty. i'd have to buy the mag though. maybe
i'll try to swap for it on knitty. must deny impulse to immediately buy more
yarn now that other yarn has fallen through.

and i've made a deal with myself: i will keep plugging away at gift knitting,
and when i go home for christmas for an entire week, i will at that time start
a sweater project just for me. god knows i won't have anything else to do.

i wore my fiery bolero to work today and it's actually pretty warm for being a
tiny short sleeved sweater. it's still a bit itchy, but not entirely unbearable.

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