Friday, November 18, 2005

SSS hits. Hard.

so i don't have a picture of last night's progress on roomie's socks. that's because there isn't any. *pained face* i did maybe 2-3 pattern repeats. i'm just maxed out. and i'm ultra bored with my other projects too. i thought that by doing both socks in tandem it would help me prevent second sock syndrome, but if anything it's worse. instead of having to create another entire sock from scratch, i just have to finish 3 more inches of cuff plus 1.5 inches of ribbing. but it takes FOREVER. i don't WANNA. yes, i am resorting to whining. and i'm so close to being done i should just finish them. yet i'm so far away. does this happen to anybody else? these socks are starting to turn into the ones i did on US #00 needles that took me about 6 months to finish. ugh.

i need inspiration.

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