Friday, November 11, 2005

Sporty Knee Socks

I love knee socks. I cannot buy commercial socks that long, however, because i have the peculiar trait of having small feet and abnormally large calves (damn you, genes!). I have never had the stamina before to knit socks with such a long cuff. but now i can say i have conquered my fears, b/c...
Fixation Knee Socks
I had some help from cascade fixation. i think i will use fixation from here on out for tall socks b/c the stretchy factor is divine.
First Knee Socks
Here's a glory shot of me wearing them. I used #3 bamboo dpns, 2 balls of pink, 1 ball of white cascade fixation. The socks are toe up, reverse heel flap and mini gusset that i fashioned myself based on the eclectic heel (and i will definitely be using this heel in the future), knit on 52 stitches up to 7 inches on the cuff, then inc 4 for half an inch, then inc 4 more (60 st total), finishing with k3,p2 ribbing.

The increases turned out to be key. This way the socks fit snuggly on my legs and feet but aren't obscenely stretched out on the full part of my calves. i am very very proud of this creation. i love the sporty look and the fit is fantastic.

i dug out my brother's amble sock and have begun work on the second foot. i like to have one sock project going at all times.

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  1. Those are ADORABLE! I love the sporty look. Are these for Socktoberfest? I will definitely put you in the update if so.

    I think they look great ;)

  2. Very nice job SP!

    - Knitty SP



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