Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sock Envy

I take back every negative thing I've ever said about Lorna's Laces. Behold!

and a little close-up of the stitches:

Isn't she beautiful? Look at these colors. they are so so pretty. I am making these socks for my roommate for Christmas. and i don't want to give them up. they are lorna's laces shepherd sock in "Pioneer." i'm using my own sock pattern with the Classy Slip-Up stitch pattern from the book "Knit Socks!" i started them yesterday afternoon and knitting them is like reading a good book...i can't put it down. i have never progressed so quickly before on anything with such a small gauge--10 spi on #1 dpns. i admit it--my hands hurt today. i just love them so much. now i'm going to have to get some more ll for meeeeeee. (well i have the skein of shepherd sport from my pal; i guess i could start there. after christmas. *sigh*).

anyway, my long history of hatred for LL is as follows thusly:

This is the ugliest and most ill-fitting sock ever created. I'm ashamed to show a picture. besides the fit, here's the most salient reason i hated it:

Yep, that is some uuuuuuugly pooling. it was a cabled sock from the 6 sox knitalong. the pattern draws in too much so the cuff is way too tight and the foot is way too loose. but the pooling. oh the pooling. i threw the finished sock in a basket in disgust and haven't touched it until now. thank god the blot on my FO record will soon be eliminated. To Be Replaced by the beautiful socks that i don't want to give to my roommate. i guess she deserves them. *grumble*

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  1. I definitely reccomend to our customers that they use a slipstitch pattern for any socks in LL. For some reason this always work beautifully. :) Bronwyn



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