Wednesday, November 02, 2005

RIP Little Butterfly.

oh dear.

so as i mentioned before, i messed up on butterfly. i tried to tink back and
redo the row, and then i tried to figure out how on earth i'm supposed to do
the decreases in the round, but got utterly confused, decided i would rather
have it be right than be done but looking like crap, so i frogged back to the

my new goal is to have it done by my company christmas party in december. i
just don't have the time or patience right now.

i did return to my fixation socks. the sock is actually going quite well--i've
made it up to the fullest part of my calf and completed the first white stripe.
i've never made knee socks before. goodness knows--i'll probably persist in
finishing the first sock and then never make the second. i do need to get
cracking on christmas presents soon.

i wore my sockotta anklets for the first time today. yes, it has been *that*
long since i last did my laundry. sad, eh? i made them to be quite snug, but
the cotton doesn't really stretch so much. otherwise they are comfortable to
wear. the anklets are more like "foot coverings" but i tend to like my socks
that way.

socktober may be over, but i'm not done yet. *sigh*

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