Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A productive holiday weekend, but not a lot to show

The boy likes to "help" me knit. wyatt kept my harry potter scarf warm this weekend. at least he likes it...i knit a few rows here and there but haven't made any real progress.

i started and finished a bunch of things this weekend, but photos are scarce for various reasons. i made these armwarmers for my brother. I used 2 skeins of knitpicks wool of the andes in chocolate on US #6 metal dpns. The pattern is adapted from the spiral rib armwarmers from last minute knitted gifts. i added more stitches and length to fit a man, and instead of following the directions for the thumb opening, i just made a 6 stitch buttonhole a la voodoo. they are very stretchy. they should easily expand to fit my brother. i really like the texture of the stitch pattern. it's easy but not quite as boring as plain ribbing.
My Brother's Armwarmers

I also finished my first drawstring pouch from LMKG. i have started the second one in pink. I am waiting to take pictures until all three are finished. i made my dad's fuzzy feet in wool of the andes, but am waiting until they are felted to show before and after pics. I also *gasp* sewed this weekend. i went shopping at old navy and found a new pair of dark jeans to replace my old dying pair. so i hemmed the jeans and then converted my old pair to a skirt. i'll have pics when i've laundered the skirt.

i received my not-so-RAK from dkswife. she very kindly volunteered to send me the spring 05 issue of interweave knits. i am planning to make the cable 8 top. eventually.

and finally...i've been bad. *pained face* i got really sick of making gifts. and i'm at least approaching the finish line. and yesterday i received my trade from hellahelen. i got 2 balls of knitpicks simple stripes in exchange for the white lies designs angelina pattern. so i started a new sock. all for me. i'm selfish. i wanted to try out the yarn. yeah, that's it.


  1. Not a lot to show? Are you nuts??

    There's nothing wrong with doing a little knitting for yourself this time of year. If nothing else, it helps keep you from muttering curses under your breath as you make the umpteenth pair of armwarmers for OTHER people who will surely NOT appreciate your time...!

    This from a girl who has been knitting nonstop for her boyfriend's family... *sigh*

  2. It's an armwarmer frenzy! They're both very nice.

    And I agree with bronwyn - nothing wrong with knitting for yourself - you deserve it!

    That scarf will get done. I plowed through mine by working on it while doing other things so I wouldn't get bored.



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