Monday, November 21, 2005

Obligatory kitty photo

aww, aren't they just so cute? they're hugging.

i started on my mom's harry potter scarf. i'm using merino style in hollyberry and harvest gold. the colors seem like they are a bit brighter than they are supposed to impression of the POA scarf is that the colors were more muted. i bet these shades would be perfect for the rugby style scarf in the first two movies. oh well.

i'm already worried that i'll run out of yarn. i'm up to the third skein already and i only have 8. but from what i could detect, the scarf pattern as written is obscenely long, so we'll see. once again i have to sing the praises of merino style. the yarn is just so soft. i would love to wear a scarf made from this yarn. i think my mom will like it.

i also worked the heel on my brother's amble sock. now i just need to work the cuff pattern, which i admit i'm dreading. i made a swatch of WOTA for my dad's slippers, but it didn't felt much. i'm going to run it again through the wash and see if it'll firm up more.

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  1. Those HP scarves are mongo, over eight feet long if I remember the designer's comments correctly. You're a brave soul to take that on! By the way, I uploaded more photos on my flickr account of the show. Hope you have a good day!



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