Monday, November 14, 2005

more sock progress

i take back everything i just took back. ok, not really but i'm vaguely annoyed.

i fatigued of working the leg pattern on the first sock, so i frogged the Ugly Sock and cast on for the second. i kind of like working both socks in tandem--i've never done it before. this way i can switch back and forth depending on my mood and there is a chance i won't forget what i did for the first sock by the time i make it to that spot on the second. the slip stitch pattern is turning out nicely.

but here's the annoying part: the second sock doesn't stripe the same. at first i feared it would turn out as hideous as the Ugly Sock, but fortunately it is striping much like the knitpicks variegated yarns do, with little blocks of color. it isn't heinous enough for me to frog both socks and start over, alternating yarns, but i will seriously think about doing this in the future if i use LL again. as long as i don't get diagonal stripes of pooling madness, i can live with it.

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