Monday, November 14, 2005

Future Project Idea: Need Advice

So because my mind is forever fixated on post-christmas knitting, i was thinking about what i should do with the Schaefer Laurel that my SP6 pal, Bronwyn, gave me. it's 400 yards of loveliness. I was thinking about making a simple top-down shaped tube top, with 2x2 ribbing at the top and bottom and a little cable running down the front--maybe with a drawstring/eyelets at the top to help hold it up. now i have had experience with cotton stretching out of shape before, so i thought i would knit in some clear elastic with the ribbing. i found some at patternworks that should work. now my question is, does anybody have experience knitting with elastic thread and cotton? does it work? i'm envisioning the tragedy of a tube top deciding to not to stay up at the most inappropriate time. or i could do what the lelah top does--knit in stockinette and fold over, creating a band through which you thread elastic. but will that look funny with the cable coming out of nowhere? my other question is whether or not I will have enough yarn. i'm thinking i should have plenty, but one can never be sure. and i guess i should be asking whether someone my age should even be attempting to wear a tube top, but hey--you're only semi-young once, right?


aw, cripers. this is what i get for not keeping up with the knittyboard. i just read through some of my SP5 pal's posts, and i realized she already has a book i just ordered for her. well, i guess it's a good thing i wanted the book for myself. now i'll just have to keep it. *sheepish grin* but this means i'll have to get her something else. Important Advice: Update your Amazon wishlists, dammit!

and also, i stalked down bronwyn's blog. ha ha, i found you!


  1. If you need another hank, there's still one available too, at the shop I bought it at. Email me if you'd like me to pick it up for you; you can just paypal me if you do!

  2. Hey, that didn't take long! I guess there aren't that many Bronwyns in the knitting world... *sigh*

  3. Hey, that didn't take long! I guess there aren't that many Bronwyns in the knitting world... *sigh*



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