Monday, November 07, 2005


so i decided it would be worth ripping back and starting over on butterfly. so i did. and i couldn't quite get the hang of the decreasing the way the directions said, so i kind of figured out my own wonky way of doing it that appeared to work. and i made a lot of progress. but today i realized that the lace pattern is off...several rows back. aaaauuuuugghhhh!!!! do i really want to frog it again? maybe i can live with it. i'm about to throw the whole project in the trash in utter disgust. how can i be this lace idiotic? sadly i'm one of those people who thinks i can do anything if i just put my mind to it. ramming my head up against a brick wall is starting to take its toll. maybe i should just succumb to the fact that i can't do lace? that i am lace impaired? that butterfly was not meant to be? yes it is a beautiful pattern, but how beautiful is it going to look with either A) a ton of mistakes or B) ratty yarn that has been frogged too many times to count??? i'm just angry with myself for screwing up so much. maybe if i put it away for a few more days i'll take heart and try it again. i kind of think i should rip the whole thing again anyway in order to do the decreases better. 3rd time's a charm? *pained face*

in other news, i was progressing nicely on my second fixation sock until i lost one of my dpns. i can't find it anywhere. so i'm stalled on that as well.

i also went to the mall this weekend and bought a ton of winter cardigans. *shamefaced* i figured that with the holidays rapidly approaching, i won't have time to knit my own cardigans and the cost really wasn't that bad comparatively. so i bought a pink mohair blend wrap cardigan, a blue mohair blend shawl collar cardigan, and a brown cotton blend lacy cardi with sequins. i am in love with the style of the blue one. it is very similar in style to blackberry. now i really *really* want to knit one, but i am concerned with the chunkiness. the beauty of the one that i bought is that it's a chunky but lightweight mohair blend so it doesn't look too bulky. i tried on another one in the store that was a heavy wool blend and i looked like a marshmallow. do you think i could make blackberry out of suri dream or something similar to make it less heavy?

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