Tuesday, November 15, 2005

am i tired of these socks yet?

so i don't normally post this many pictures of a WIP, but i thought it might be fun this time to track my progress from day to day. i think mostly i just want to feel like i'm accomplishing something. the sock on the left is catching up with the sock on the right. do you notice something evil? there's a diagonal blue STRIPE on the left hand sock. grrrrr... not to mention that the colors are entirely different. another lesson learned. you can be sure i'll alternate skeins on the LL mixed berries. especially since i am getting another skein from an entirely different source than the first.

my hands are hurting more and more, so last night i had to put down that pair and work on the amble socks for awhile. i finished the foot and am ready to start the sherman heel on the second sock.

but enough tedious stuff. did i mention that my knitty sp5 pal is cool? b/c she is. i got not one, but TWO glampyre patterns...the brand spankin' new city shawl pattern and the one i've been coveting--Bulky Green Cables! this one is shooting straight to the top of the list of post-christmas knitting. i think that my drooling/dreaming of this sweater is going to get me through the tedious process of knitting 5000 armwarmers. if last year was the year of the sock, this year it's armwarmers. i am kind of excited though, b/c i'm just going to wing it on most of them and create my own pattern.

mostly i'm just waiting for packages to arrive. i'm getting bored with my 3 active projects. i admit it--i have no stamina.

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