Thursday, October 06, 2005

whistling in the dark: sp6

ok, i finally got around to doing some sleuthing on the identity of my sp6 pal.
i thought that my guesses might amuse her. please don't tell me if i am on
the right or wrong track...i think it's fun to guess but i'd rather stay

i bookmarked some blogs to stalk from here on out for clues:


1) i searched the participants list for lambs (the postcard). actually i
searched for new zealand first, but without luck on that one.
2) i searched for sheep too. i was trying to combine sheep/lambs with
southern knitbloggers (the georgian yarn). i tried to cross-list the southern
knitbloggers ring
with the sp6 participants list, but failed dismally. i
realized that when searching random people's blogs, it's not always easy to
tell where they are from. #2 just went to branson, mo, so i thought she
*might* be southern.
3) my pal says she works in the book industry, and has an art teacher. this
girl is an art student. also i thought her journal was just really cool.

so that's how my logic works. this guessing thing is fun. feel free to keep
the clues coming.

I'll have to save my knitty sp5 pal for another day. sleuthing to be cont...

1 comment:

  1. Hey, you're pretty good! Of course I won't ruin it for you. :)




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