Monday, October 10, 2005

weekend knitting.

so i took some time out from my MD scarf to make these voodoo handwarmers. Fall has finally come to western new york, and on saturday, i decided i needed a pair of these to wear to my frisbee games the next day.

Voodoo armwarmers from KnittyYo yo, what's up? i made them using the debbie bliss alpaca silk that my knitty pal sent me. bryghtrose from the wip blog made a pair using cashmerino, so i thought it would be great to have a pair made from a luxury fiber. and i'm so glad i did. the alpaca is sooo soft and warm. they kept my arms nice and toasty during my games, and i wore them this morning too on my walk to the bus. i even told my roommate i'd make her a pair, as she plays frisbee as well, and it only took me one evening to finish them.

i used #6 metal dpns, which unfortunately hurt my hands. i should get some bamboo. anyway, it took less than 2 balls of the db alpaca silk. i constructed them from the hand up (the reverse of the pattern instructions) so i could make them as long as i wanted and then stop. they are longer than the pattern (maybe 9 inches or so?) and cover almost up to my elbows. i also worked 32 stitches instead of 40. they result is nice and snug.

But That's Not All! i also finished my MD scarf. right now it is blocking, so i don't have a pic. i did 9 triangles instead of 8 and added trellis crochet edging and fringe. i rinsed the scarf pretty good to get rid of the excess blue dye. the variegated yarn creates a nice and subtle color variation that adds to the pebbly texture of the garter triangles.

i also frogged my knitty coronet hat from noro kureyon. i was never really happy with it because it didn't fit right, so i ripped it out and i'll probably make more armwarmers. because i'm addicted. i want to make legwarmers too.

oh, and just so i can say i'm fully participating in socktoberfest, i worked a few rows on my sockotta anklets. but they really do hurt my hands after a very short period of time. you wouldn't think it would take so long to finish one ladies size 5 sock with a half-inch cuff, but there you have it.

and finally, i started a new project. *pained face* i am making the fiery bolero from summer 2005 IK in the blue andean silk that was once my hot lava cardigan. i was never thrilled with it either, as the yarn is much lighter than worsted weight and it's working up nicely on #5s.

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  1. Enabler.

    Now I want to make those too. They look great and they sound like they feel amazing.

  2. They look great, and I am sure they feel so soft :)

    Can't wait to see those anklets too!

  3. Hey you.. you guessed the lie! and yer up!

  4. Mmmmmmm silk. I'd been thinking of making some wristwarmers with fancy fiber too--cheaper than making the whole sweater. They look great!



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