Thursday, October 06, 2005

So Close!

tv is my knitting buddy. through the magic of Nick winning the SYTYCD finals (yay, no Spankies Girl!) and the struggle to knit and Lost simultaneously, i managed to *almost* complete Clapotis. Nearly. i am on the final repeat of the decrease rows and then have to work the finishing rows and then, whoopee, i will be DONE!

now i have never made a clapotis before, but i cannot imagine that it would make a very practical scarf at full-size. the worsted hpy wool i am using must be thicker than the intended ll lion and lamb, because this sucker is really heavy and really REALLY warm. the freakish weather here continues--it's 80 degrees during the day and 50-60s at night and i have to turn the fan on just to be able to rest the work in my lap. i'm thinking this is good b/c my intended recipient gets cold a lot and i wanted the wrap to be almost blanket-like, but i'm just imagining necks getting dragged down by wearing it as a scarf.

but at any rate, soon it will be over. looking towards the future: i need a practical black cardigan. desperately. one that won't take me 500 years to knit. i was thinking about this one from glampyre. i am also in a dilemma that i do not know if i want to use my pretty alpaca silk for a winter cabled hat or for a OSW. i like the idea of using the alpaca silk for something to wear against the skin, but i don't know that i would wear a shrug. well, i should know i wouldn't, b/c i made a similar one and i wore it once. so maybe i should make the hat. but the yarn is so soft, maybe i would wear it as a shrug. so conflicted!

at least my next project doesn't require much debate. i'm all set to start the multidirectional scarf with the handspun from my SP6 pal. i should be able to finish and block clapotis tonight. hopefully tomorrow i will have pics of an FO. finally.

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  1. I see your dilemma. The alpaca silk it AMAZINGLY soft and would be great against the skin. It's luxury may be a little lost in a hat. maybe you can work it into the cardi you want to make next? Just an idea. It would also make an outrageously soft scarf and keep you those cold blustery winter winds. Another idea.

    You Knitty SP



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