Friday, October 14, 2005

A red letter day

woooo! my knitpicks order finally arrived! and i can't divulge the contents b/c much of it is for my secret pals! one thing i can say is that wrap style was among the contents. so i packed it off and mailed it to kmj44 from the knitty coffeeshop in exchange for rowan 37. i bought some Shadow merino laceweight yarn in purple to make the Butterfly cami, so i can't wait til it gets here.

in addition, my yarn destashing is going successfully so far. i'm trading my koigu to biffd for yes, more koigu. i made 2 pairs of socks from this color and i'm tired of it, so it'll be fun to have more in pretty greens to play with.

i just traded more sock yarn to soapfibergal for a ball of sockotta. ok, i know i just complained about how it took me 5000 years to make a pair of anklets from this yarn, but the colors sounded pretty. maybe i'll make something besides socks and it won't be as heinous.

i got a message from my knitty secret pal that another package is on its way, evidently from a long way away. interesting...

AND i got a PM from fibersnob that i'm getting RAK'd! how exciting.

i love mail. i know i'll be obsessively checking it in the upcoming days. i guess this means that i should really get cracking on my fiery bolero and my fixation socks...and all those other things. ok, i'll be honest. i'm probably not gonna finish all the other things before i lose patience and start something new. i'll at least try to finish my 2 active projects. really, i will.

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