Wednesday, October 05, 2005

oooh, knitty sp5 goodies!

guess what i got in the mail yesterday???? it's two super soft balls of debbie bliss alpaca silk from my knitty secret pal. the color is kind of a greenish cadet blue. i have never felt this yarn before but it is so gorgeously soft. i'm seeing it as a cabled winter hat. it would match one of the colors in my manos scarf very well, i think. i also got a pretty notecard from my SP. yay! i love getting stuff.

i'm still plugging away on clapotis. i'm almost done with the straight section and will be ready to decrease soon. thank god. i don't know why this project is so odious to me, but i don't think i'll be making this one again any time soon. not when i have so many other things upcoming on the slate.

i'm hoping to complete a swap on the knittyboard for rowan 37. i feel the urge to knit butterfly. i think it would make a great holiday party shirt. we'll see. counting chickens and all.

i think my next definite project will be iris schreier's multidirectional scarf. i joined her yahoo group. i will be using the purple/blue handspun my other secret pal sent me. i feel like i need a break to work on something quick before i go back to christmas gifts. i'm already way ahead of the game from last year.

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