Friday, October 28, 2005

more sp6 gifties!

i feel so loved. i got 2 skeins of knitpicks merino style in a very pretty color of green from my secret pal 6. i'll have to stash this away until i decide on something worthy of it. i love this yarn. i still have almost a whole skein of red left--maybe i'll make a christmas stocking or something.

so last night in addition to cooking dinner, baking cookies for my team this weekend, doing a load of laundry so i'll have clean frisbee clothes, and coordinating with the field marshal for which i am substituting tonight, i did get in some knitting time on butterfly. unfortunately, my roommate kept popping in to ask for costume advice. so of course i messed up. i tried not to scream in frustration. the body lace pattern isn't difficult, but i really need to concentrate while doing it. i did the first 8 rows and then messed up the 9th, and i was too tired to frog back to my mistake, so i just put it away. i did a 3 needle bind-off for the hem, and it does show, but it was a helluva lot easier than grafting and it's on the side, so i don't think it'll bother me. picking up all those stitches in the round sucked, but it only took me two tries. i am making the size small. i tried it on after i finished a pattern repeat and it appears to fit, so that's good news. i'm hoping the lace will look much prettier when blocked--right now it looks like poo.

now assuming i can find time to knit in the next week and lacking in more interruptions, i may actually be able to finish this by next friday.


  1. You might have the world's best secret person.

    Lace drives me crazy...I rarely have any block of time to knit without interruptions and lace takes SO much concentration for me.

    Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

  2. i do indeed have the best secret people. they are both too awesome to be adequately described by mere words. ok, done waxing poetic now.



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