Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Costume Complete

Noro Silk Garden Hat from LMKG
Here's the hat I made for my Halloween costume. It's Kim's hat pattern from LMKG, in Noro Silk Garden, on size 8 denises (with my new extra long cord) on the magic loop. i made the largest size with a simple garter stitch band.

Flower is Petals Pattern from Knitty
A closeup of the flower. Pattern is Petals from knitty. I made the smaller flower and sewed it to the band. The hat is actually slightly too large, but i wanted it to cover my ears, so i'm leaving it the way that it is. the original plan was to make this just for my costume and then frog, but i think i like it the way that it is. the silk garden is really nice and soft, in such beautiful colors. thanks so much, fibersnob!

in the mail yesterday, i received my sock leftovers swap from katie.

she sent me some sockotta, regia, magic stripes, and fixation. i'm very excited to find creative ways to use them.

but first i have to finish all my other projects. *pained face* i work one row of my fixation sock every day. so you can imagine my progress is crawling. I finished the hem on butterfly--i just have to seam and then i can pick up the stitches for the body. yeah that's all i'm working on right now. i hope that butterfly will not be too difficult, as i have another tournament this weekend and will not have much knitting time before next friday. whew.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad they arrived, and glad you like them. I hope to get to see what you knit them into--but no pressure, finish all those other projects first. :)



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