Friday, October 07, 2005

for your consideration.

My contribution to the Clapotis craze:

Clapotis from Knitty

Clapotis shawl

Clapotis detail

This is a Christmas present. I used 4 hanks of's worsted Ejido 160 wool on US9 Denise needles. I did one fewer width repeat and 2 fewer length repeats than the pattern called for. The shawl is quite heavy and warm. I'm hoping it'll soften up a bit when i wash it.

I did not like this pattern very much. It was boring, yet it required too much concentration, kind of like ribbing. I don't think i'll ever make another one. but i think this one looks nice.

and now that it is done, i got to move onto my reward for finishing. This is the start of my multidirectional scarf from Iris Schreier's yahoo group. I'm using the handspun my sp6 pal sent me. it's looking good, but the yarn dye rubs off on my hands a bit.

and finally, last night i did some stash organizing and i found these. *pained face* yes, i have second sock syndrome. badly, apparently. i had forgotten about several of these. to be fair, on most of them i decided i didn't like the finished or half-completed sock and had big plans to frog and start over. i just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

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  1. Holy cow, that is gorgeous. I love that you used the Handpainted yarn. I was eyeing that same stuff for a Clapotis of my own. Yours is wonderful!

    You need some Socktoberfest inspiration to get over second sock syndrome :)

  2. When buying from this lady I usually give it a warm bath to soften it and let any excess dye bleed out. It does come out but your Denises will turn slightly blue. Just make sure to give it a bath before wearing it so you don't end up blue yourself! :) Glad you like it.

  3. your clapotis looks so pretty! i love the colors. can;t wait to see how your scarf turns out!

  4. WOW, it's so pretty!! And it looks huge, love it! I agree with you about the pattern, so repetitive, yet we can't just do it without any attention.
    anyway, I have SSS too ;)



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