Friday, October 21, 2005

feverish excitement

more mail. yesterday i got another goodie from my knitty sp5.

it's an extra long denise cable! i'm very excited because now hopefully i won't have to use the connectors as much. i always have problems sliding stitches over the join. thank you, knitty sp!

here's a progress pic of my fiery bolero in andean silk.

but who cares, b/c yesterday i also received my swap from kmj44. i got rowan 37 in the mail, and there are so many patterns in it that i would eventually love to make. i lack self-control so i cast on for butterfly in knitpicks shadow, color vineyard.

i really want to finish this in time to wear it to a party in two weeks, so i'm kind of dropping everything else in the meantime. i'm working on the hem frill, and it's going surprisingly quickly *knock on wood* if i accomplish this, it'll be my first lace project since the knitty cozy wrap last year. i like working with Shadow a lot. it's very soft and the heathered reddish-purple is just beautiful. i am taking the advice of some on craftster and am planning to make butterfly in the round on a size 6 needle. i'm also eliminating beads. i figured it'd be hard enough without them.

when i get fatigued from butterfly, i go back to working on my pink fixation socks.
they are generally a welcome change from having to concentrate so much. i had to rip back because my planned increases for the leg weren't working out. this time the leg is much more snug. i'll probably alternate between these two projects a lot.

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