Monday, October 03, 2005


so the only problem with this working on one project at a time thing is that it makes for boring blogging. yep, i'm still knitting clapotis. yep, i'm still on the straight section. yep, i'm still on my third ball of yarn.

i had a crazy frisbee weekend, so i didn't knit much...only a few rows last night at 2:00 am b/c i was unable to sleep b/c of this damn cold. i can't breathe, i can't sleep, and my liver can only handle so much cold medicine before it starts to turn on me. i'm forcing myself to stay at work all day today even though i have no voice and i would much rather be at home, catching up on all the sleep i didn't get last night.

the funny thing is though--when you can't talk and your speaking voice sounds like marge simpson's mother, it's weird how much people want to whisper with you. i've already had a whole conversation today where the other person spoke in a whisper the whole time. i did the same thing to my roommate all last week when she couldn't talk. she kept saying, "why are you whispering?" and i felt like a dumbass, but now that people are doing it to me, it is pretty funny.

i checked out the new magknits this morning, and sadly i wasn't excited about any of the patterns. but then, i thought that last month's issue was so good, and of course i haven't made anything from it, nor will i be likely to in the near future. i also got the new pattern for the 6sox knitalong. i haven't finished my amble socks yet, but i will as they are a holiday gift. i'm intrigued by the new mosaic pattern. i've been wanting to try a slipstitch pattern for awhile now, so i'll definitely be making these at some point.

ok, now i'm done. i guess i'm being so wordy b/c i can't speak in real life. gotta get it out there somehow.

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