Tuesday, September 06, 2005


got back from vegas today at 10:00 am. at work, am typing b/c it is the only
thing keeping me awake. no knitting, just fun. i am not absolutely sure, but
i could have sworn when i walked by treasure island that i saw a woman wearing
a pink clapotis. she had it draped over her like a poncho, and it could have
been a poncho, but it really really looked like a clapotis. a shawl would have
been very practical for vegas. i brought one on trip #1, but just had my
hoodie this time.

when i returned this morning i had my first issue of burda magazine patterns in
the mail. skimmed through the patterns but they look really hard. pretty wool
boucle coats, though. i got my knitpicks order too but haven't had time to
check it out. i barely recall what i ordered. the front and back of analise
look dry and nicely blocked, and wyatt gave her his seal of approval by
lounging gracefully on my blocking board. at least he didn't drool on her.

i need sleep. a lot of it.

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