Tuesday, September 20, 2005

today, i suffer for fashion.

so this morning, it was all drizzly and yucky out. even though it is not yet fall, i couldn't contain myself so i wore my hpy wrap sweater to work. i'm sure i will be thankful for this come winter, but this baby is WARM. VERY VERY WARM. i feel like i'm in my own personal sauna. oh well, at least i look good?

post-blocking, the sweater grew ever so slightly and the arms aren't too tight, like i had suspected. the yarn has taken on a slight fuzziness, which makes it look softer, but i'll have to be careful, or it'll be an ugly fuzzball before you know it. the color remains quite bold, but as long as i still have a tan, i should be ok. *pained face* oh yeah, i live in western new york. well...i should be ok through the fall at least.

last night, i watched arrested development, kitchen confidential, prison break, and csi: miami and tried very hard to finish knitting analise. well, i almost made it. i finished sleeve 2, and knitted half of the collar. tonight i should be able to finish and block the remaining portions and then all i'll have left is the dreaded seaming.

i have to have dedication. i'm looking forward to knocking a few of the wip's off my sidebar list. *fingers crossed*

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