Friday, September 30, 2005

there's a party going on in my head

and it's noisy. my ears are literally ringing. kind of a staccato sixteenth note, "taktaka taaaaaa, takatakataka taaaaaaaaaaaa." either i'm going crazy or i have an ear infection. i want to play frisbee this weekend in the tournament, but i also want to get well. maybe they will just let me play a few points and lie down in between?

the awfulness is cutting into my knitting time. i'm up to the seventh repeat on the straight section of clapotis. this means i'm slightly over half done. i have laser beam focus on this one b/c i'm going to reward myself for finishing clapotis. once it is done i can use some of the yarn my secret pal 6 gave me to make something for me. but clapotis first. the motivation seems to be working.

i also just volunteered to organize a contest for the WIP blog. I must really not be feeling well--dear god, i'm *organizing* something. *shakes head*

ugggghhhhhhh, when am i gonna get wellllllll???? *ringing in my ears continues*

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