Thursday, September 01, 2005

that knitting thing is kind of kneat.

huh? last night we had peeps over to eat pizza and watch sytycd on fox as kind of a farewell, "we are going on vacation in two days and don't want to cook" sort of gathering. with beer. anyway, i was working on my manos scarf and the boy who came over kept watching me and finally he asked, "do you have to tie all those strands together or is it all just one long string?" and i stared at him b/c i had no idea what the hell he was talking about, and the cogs continued to work in his brain and finally he said, "oh i get it. what is it?" me: it's a scarf. my head: wtf? it's a scarf. it looks like a scarf. what else could a long narrow strip be? a table runner? but anyway. i guess it's nice that non-knitters appreciate my craft.

i worked on analise's sleeve. i have to shorten them by a lot. i seriously must have the shortest arms in showbiz b/c i cannot fathom anyone needing sleeves that long. i'm chopping almost a foot off my sleeves. and this is WITH leaving enough length to turn them under and still have the sleeves touch the base of my fingers.

i saw the new magknits this morning. i am impressed. all of the patterns are really great. the only ones i wouldn't make are the caution scarf (neat idea, not to my taste) and the cropped cardigan (it looks kind of old lady but maybe if i saw it in another color i could be convinced). i already printed out the other patterns. the comfy button down looks like a cross between freddy krueger's sweater and this super comfortable cardigan i have in my closet. this is a good thing. i like the fair isle pattern and i love merino style, and i've been wanting to make another tivoli, so these patterns are definitely keepers. i'll get on them, right after i finish everything else that i've already started. :D

and i'll work on *that* right after i get back from vegas. wooo, holiday weekend! later, yo.

addendum: i just snuck in at the tail end of the secret pal 6 signup. i think i signed up purely b/c they have a button with Dr. Zoidberg knitting. well, that, and i could use more knitting friends.

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  1. heh heh, don't you love it when people think knitting is AMAZING!

    I know some of those too!

    Can't wait to see the finished Manos scarf!




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