Thursday, September 29, 2005

SP6 Goodies are here!

Check out my loot!

I got a package today from my SP 6 pal. Inside were two books, "The Mineral Palace" and "A Spectacle of Corruption." There was also a pretty postcard that my pal says is a major clue (?) and YARN!!! Two skeins of purple and blue handspun that my kitties immediately dove for (Nooooo, kitty!) and two hanks of beeeyoutiful handspun handpaint in yellows, greens, and oranges. what a treat! and SP6, you had no way of knowing this, but i have a half-finished pair of thrummed fleece artist mittens that match perfectly with the purple/blue combo. i sense coordinating winter gear in my future. the handpaint is so lovely i'll have to really think of something special to make from it. thank you thank you thank you!

i've been sick all week and this has really cheered me up considerably. *deep breath* ok, now i think i need to lie down from all the excitement. i also got the new knitpicks catalogue. what a great mail day.


  1. I thought at the first of the contest you were supposed to have fun guessing who your pal might be... I think they weren't serious though. ;;; Oops! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'll send you something else next month. :)

  2. oh lucky you! nice stuff! ha--funny both of those books are ones I have had my eye on too! :)



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