Thursday, September 22, 2005

my lie revealed.

well i have five guesses now, so i guess one of you must be right.

1. In high school, I entered a pie-eating contest, even though I hate pie.
true. i was disqualified b/c instead of eating the pie, i mostly smeared it on my opponents and started a pie-throwing fight. it was totally worth losing the contest.

2. In college, I attempted to drink one beer every hour for 24 hours. I made it to Hour 7. False. I made it to Hour 9. i highly recommend NOT trying this. I did boot at Hour 7.

3. As a child, my father made me dress up as his company's mascot--a termite--and march in a parade in front of the entire community. True. *sigh*

4. One Halloween after college, my roommate and I dressed up as a sexxy dinosaur and a cactus, respectively, and walked to a party in the city. On the way a crazy drunk man threw a knife at us. True. The man was brandishing the knife and shouting obscenities and he lost control of the knife. it hurtled through the air and landed at our feet. The roomie and I took off running down the street in our very hot felt costumes.

5. During an All-Region trip, my friends shoved me into a tuba case and latched it just because they could. True. They also picked me up and carried me around for a bit. Bastards.

So that makes Terby the winner!

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