Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lost and progress

ok, because for once in my life i won't be a spoilsport, all i will say about the Lost premiere is: WTF??? i knitted and watched. and the knitting became difficult at some point b/c i was afraid to take my eyes off the screen. i don't have cable. my bedroom tv is very grainy. a lot of the episode was in darkness. i'm afraid i missed something. did i miss anything??? ohh but next wednesday is ever so far away. i'll have to content myself with the fact that netflix is sending me season 1 disc 1. that should tide me over. hopefully.

i've commmitted myself to this finishing wip's thing. so i finished one amble sock last night.
May I be permitted to say that i hate this pattern? it takes entirely too much concentration and the row repeat is too long. i get tired of it way too quickly but am afraid to stop. i finished up one sock for my brother's size 14 feet, and started the second, but i ran out of woolease and now this will have to be on hold until i can buy another skein. not that i'm sorry about that--i could use a break.

after i ran out of yarn on amble, i picked up my sockotta anklets again.

i soon had to stop, b/c i remembered why i gave up on this so long ago. my cats had gotten to the skein and mauled it half to death, and i had to cut the yarn and wind it into a ball. it was very tangled and it took me an hour to straighten out the skein. what a PITA. the other problem is that the #0 dpns hurt my hands. but it does feel good to make progress. i can't wait to cross off some of those wips on my sidebar.

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